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Santa Claus Lane Scavenger Hunt Rules


The Santa Claus Lane Scavenger Hunt has been designed to educate you, your friends and neighbors about our local retailers, services and organizations by way of introduction to their web sites or establishments.

To that end, we offer a quiz that references specific information on individual web sites and Facebook pages.

Winners will be determined by the number of correct responses to the quiz questions, and will split a jackpot of prizes that have been donated by the participating merchants.

First, Second & Third Place winners will be given priority in the selection of prizes. 12 additional winners will select from the balance of prizes on a "first come" basis.


Click “See the Quiz” to view or download the questions.

Click on "Our Sponsors" for links to web pages.

Visit the web sites & facebook ages

Review the information and make note of your answer to the quiz question.

To play, click on the link at the top of this page.

Fill in your contact information, and then answer as many questions as you can.


The player with the highest number of correct answers will be awarded 1st prize, the next highest will be 2nd, and third highest will be designated as the 3rd place winner.

In the event of a tie, winners will be drawn at random.

Winners select their prizes in the following priority order:

  • First place winner receives 9 prizes of their choice first.
    (with a limit of 3 gift certificates)

  • Second place winner receives 8 prizes of their choice second.
    (with a limit of 3 gift certificates)

  • Third place winner receives 7 prizes of their choice third.
    (with a limit of 2 gift certificates)

The 12 next players with the highest number of correct responses will be awarded prizes in no priority of order. First come will have first choice from the remaining prizes.

  • Winners get their choice of 3 prizes (with a limit of 1 gift certificate - if still available.)

Details and Restrictions

Contest ends on Thursday, December 19th at 11:59pm.

Winners will be notified on Friday, December 20th.

1st, 2nd & 3rd Place Prizes must be picked on Friday, December 20th.

(In the event that winners are not able to visit the SHP office on the 20th, arrangements may be made to pick prizes via and have them held for a later date.)

Remaining winners may pick up prizes at the SHP office, 164 Main St in Oneonta on Friday, December 21st.

Contest is open to anyone in Otsego, Delaware, Chenango and Schoharie counties.

One winner per family.